Monday, May 01, 2006

Illegal Immigration Rally Flag, Crowd, Sign, and Jerk

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The crowd was pretty huge for our town of 60,000.

This was the only person who was rude to me. Everyone else was very nice. Her mouth is open because she is yelling, "Go home gringo pig!" Classy!

Another flag. Nice guys, but if you have so much pride in Mexico, why don't you protest for reforms there? Mexico could be a land of opportunity if people pressed for clean government and a truly capitalist economy.

Grainy because it was taken from so far away. This is a very tight crop. Lots of signs said this.


Lyric Mezzo said...

Hey - are you in Springdale? I'm in Bella Vista, and I had no clue that anyone was demonstrating in our area.

Well, I'd be interested in hearing your story. I've got a blog too, if you're interested in talking with another NWArkansas gal.(

Did any of these photos show up in our esteemed papers?

Freeman Hunt said...

Nice blog.

Yes, I'm in Springdale.

Did any of these photos show up in our esteemed papers?

They better not have because I didn't send them any.