Thursday, July 27, 2006

Underestimating Pacman's Depravity

Slashdot via Instapundit:

During the recent Senate hearings on video game violence, one expert claimed that the ESRB underrated violent games. They went on to say that Pacman was 64% violent. To some, this means you shouldn't play Pacman; to others, it highlights what's wrong with Senate hearings.
Pacman must be stopped. He kills ghosts (not that different from people) by consuming them whole through his mouth. Terrifying! When he is caught by ghosts, he is spun in circles until the centrifugal force causes his brain to hemorrage and kills him. Awful! Plus, given the current epidemic of childhood obesity, is it really okay to show a heroic character who eats everywhere he travels and receives bonus points for consuming delicious fruits as large as his body?

Good thing the Senate is working to protect us from this sort of villainy.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be alot of posts with an above average level of sarcasm lately.

You know what they say...I don't, but they should say that lack of insight breeds sarcasm. You are bringing up good points to rail against, but the arguments behind them are more "See how stupid they are." instead of "This is why they are stupid...."

Maybe your mind has been warped by eating five foot cherries.

Freeman Hunt said...

Maybe they should also say that anonymity breeds weak snarks.

Do you actually need someone to explain to you why it is silly to say that there is violence in Pac-Man?

Anonymous said...


I read your blog from time to time to enjoy a certain insight and genuineness that is lacking in other local political blogs (arkfam, arkansaswatch, nwapolitics).

My point was that it takes effort to produce articulate commentary, in which you seem to excell. Though recently there have been a short string of posts that relied on sarcasm to imply a point. The posts about Pacman, gps monitoring for kids, and the post about the women who is bored with her children all used sarcasm instead of insight.

I don't mean to be snarky, I have just come to expect a higher level of sophistication in your writing and arguments.

Freeman Hunt said...

The Pac-Man story doesn't deserve anything greater than sarcasm.

The GPS post was not sarcastic. More like wishful thinking. :)

The post about the bad mother included some sarcasm, but also a great deal of regular commentary. Just prior there were several political posts, a post on a family I found admirable, and a post about why I left atheism. There's plenty of non-sarcasm to go around.