Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katie Couric Convinces Me to Tune in to CBS

I cannot believe that I just typed that. This is what convinced me.

If she really does have these little segments with different commentators and without obnoxious refutation bits (silly when the original commentator cannot respond), I think that's great and worth tuning in for.

I write that as someone who, at most, watches an hour of television per week.

UPDATE: I watched the debut. Well, okay, I sort of watched it. It was on while I had a conversation with someone else. TV news is just too inefficient. In the time it takes to watch a television program, I can go online and skim dozens of news items.

Now and then I'll watch a bit of Brit Hume; his Grapevine segment is especially good, and the Fox News All Stars panel is usually excellent. Hume also reports on the things bloggers are writing about. I dig that.

As for Couric, I'll tune in now and again in the future to see who the commentator is. Morgan Spurlock? That was sort of a let down. I'm still not sure why that guy is famous. Super Size Me was not as good a movie as many seem to think that it was.


Anonymous said...

On hour a week! What do you do the rest of the time?

Lee J. Cockrell said...

She started off slowly but improved after the first commercial. Still, I felt like she was making VERY sure she didn't screw up.

At the end, I felt that she hadn't done anything informative or insightful. I don't really watch the news anyway, I guess this didn't give me any reason to, either.