Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Selective Coverage from the MSM

And this time it's particularly egregious. (Via Instapundit.)

The news media doesn’t think that 35,000 people protesting the president of Iran outside the UN is worth a story. But 2,000 people protesting the Iraq war? Now that’s news.
The New York Sun was the only MSM outlet found to be carrying the story about the protest at the UN.

UPDATE: Great pictures of the protest at Atlas Shrugs.


Goesh said...

It's kind of going from amazing and puzzling to alarming. What sense of journalistic duty and obligation has an editor to totally ignore such an outpouring of sentiment in harsh opposition to what was expressed inside the UN? Our elected leader was called a devil by another nation's leader and what makes this alarming is the fact that many Democrats tacitly endorse this kind of rhetoric. Remember the bastards at the voting booth!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the democrats did come out in condemnation of Chavez' comments. Least they could do, but good to see anyhow (cue Chris Rock "I take CARE of my kids" routine).

Maybe I'll go look for some coverage on NY1.

thefiveforty said...

No media coverage? I saw the protest against the Iranian president outside the UN on CNN several times, as well as ABC News.

And it's not like Iran isn't make the news. The Bush administration is hurtling toward conflict with the nation. So if you're concerned the Middle Nation and its leader aren't yet receiving enough coverage, give it another couple months.

Freeman Hunt said...

Good. Perhaps you can provide us with some links to MSM stories about the protest...

And it's not like Iran isn't make the news.

No one has argued this.

Freeman Hunt said...

A Reuters or AP story link would be good. Can you find one?