Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Odd Bit in a Piece on Palin

I found this Taylor Marsh column via Instapundit. This bit is very odd:
Sarah Palin and I have one thing in common. We both did the beauty queen circuit. I won, she didn’t; though she did Vogue and I didn’t.
That leads the second paragraph. Why is that in there? "You know, everyone is saying she's pretty. Well, I'd just like you to know that I'm pretty too. Just want to put that out there." In adult world where everyone has long since graduated from junior high school, that makes for strange reading.

Then Taylor goes on to say that McCain must have thought being a beauty queen was enough qualification for the Vice Presidency. That's a bit sexist, isn't it? To take a woman who has accomplished as much on her own as Palin and write her off as a mere beauty queen just because she's attractive?

Then there is the odd charge that Palin is against "women’s civil rights" and "rabidly anti women’s right to self-determination." What? How's that? Palin seems more like the embodiment of women's self-determination, and last time I checked, I and the rest of womankind already had civil rights.

If this shallow analysis is the sort of material that the Left plans to throw out against Palin, they could just be more succinct about it and say, "Don't know what to tell you. We've got nothin'."

UPDATE: I was going to do a post running down each objection to Palin, but Ed Morrissey has already done such a good job of that that I'd rather point you to his post.

In case I haven't made it clear, I love the Palin pick. Early on, I had hoped for her to join McCain on the ticket but didn't have much hope that it would happen. I am extremely pleased with this unexpected outcome.


Ixman said...

I'm glad you put into words what I was on the tip of my brain about that silly beauty circuit remark.

Nice way to put it.

Ruth Douthitt said...

I, too, am very happy about McCain picking Palin to be his VP.

I am getting sick of people judging her just for being a woman, mother, and new governor.

Michael Savage said on his show last night that he feels Palin has no experience to be Commander-in-Chief and yet she already is the commander of the Alaskan National Guard...which makes her more experienced than Obama to lead troops and make decisions that will affect their lives.

McCain and Palin, with sons in Iraq or headed to Iraq, make Obama and Biden look like "chickenhawks" because they want to accelerate the war in Afghanistan without having military experience or children serving in the war.

McCain-Palin '08!!!!!!

Matteo said...

This statement of Marsh's was the very height of asininity:

"Sarah Palin is not a supporter of women’s civil rights. She’s rabidly anti women’s right to self-determination, which means she’s the conservatives’ darling. But she’s got bigger problems than relegating females to second class citizens."

I should think that allowing women to be born is actually pro women's civil rights. I should think that killing women in the womb makes them much less than second-class citizens. But hey, I just think that because I'm the personification of pure evil.

Anyway, I am STOKED!! by the Palin choice...

D. B. Light said...

I too am pleased by the Palin choice and find the critiques of her amusing and a bit disappointing. She is an amazingly competent person who has accomplished wonderful things in her life. She is the living embodiment of the concept of a "strong woman" and a repudiation of the woman as victim model of contemporary feminism. I look forward to voting for her and her running mate in the fall.

And by the way, yes you are pretty too, and that in no way diminishes your value as a person.

Tom W. said...

Taylor Marsh is just infuriated by the Palin pick because it completely erased Obama's "brilliant" convention speech.

Marsh's column on Pajamas Media claimed that Obama "showed his steel" in the speech, and McCain would really have his work cut out for him in countering it.

The vast majority of the comments ridiculed Marsh's notion, pointing out hat it was basically Obama's stock stump speech.

This prompted Marsh to comment herself that anyone who didn't recognized the utter perfection of the speech was being small and petty, as well as showing weakness. After all, everybody who's anybody (such as Pat Buchanan) admitted that Obama had delivered the goods.

So I'm not surprised that Marsh is enraged at the Palin pick.

She said McCain had his work cut out for him responding to Obama's speech, and in reality McCain didn't even break a sweat obliterating the speech from the world's consciousness.

This choice is sheer genius and probably an election winner. It suddenly makes Obama into yesterday's news by giving us another first; it appeals to plenty of women; and it allows Obama's followers to sabotage him by pouring out their mental illness in a way guaranteed to turn off the average American voter.

McCain/Palin '08!

Alex said...

BTW, Michael Savage is an unrepentant misogynist. I'd pay no attention to what he has to say, or any of his crackpot listeners.

Ohiogrannie said...

I love it that Obama's first TV interview about Palin is him saying "same ole/same ole" while standing next to BIDEN! Geez, the one true thing that would say Change and Hope to me is an old white Senator who never had a real job. Hope to Change lots of PEOPLE votes, because anyone who needs to peek in the undies to know a person of vibrant character isn't someone who needs to vote anyway.
Gina Davis - Thank You.
Men in Trees - Thank You.
Sara Palin - totally love ya!
Taylor Marsh - here's a quarter, buy a clue

nick said...

it is a great pick for the Democrats

just ask the GOP analysts!

who have printed the same!

blake said...

Would it be out of place to suggest that Taylor Marsh is a self-promoting fraud?

Swen said...

I too thought Taylor Marsh's beauty queen dig was a bit weird and left her the following comment:

I won, she didn't.


Dan said...

We knew these tolerant and non-judgemental people were going to howl if McCain didn't pick someone just like them. Their intolerant and judgemental complaints are music to my ears.

Peter said...

A decade ago I retired and moved to the lake. I had to resign as a Republican Precinct Chairman when I moved from the precinct.
I mention this because few people have really thought about what the Palin pick has really done.
McCain had little enthusiasm with the 2A crowd. Not that the gunnies would vote for Obama but they might not vote at all. Palin helps there, big time.
McCain had even less enthusiasm with the "religious right". Now a lot of folks love to hate that bunch but THEY are the ones working phone banks and walking precincts. That crowd is estactic. You, unless you've worked in the nuts and bolts of a campaign, simply have no idea how important that is.
I doubt that the "country club" wing of the Party likes the Palin pick but they like McCain anyway so no harm there.
The libertarian wing of the Party loves Palin, but were not very happy with McCain.
Now Palin might also pick up a few of the PUMA vote, too. That is an added bonus but the main thing is all five wings of the of the Party have something to love, the fifth being the fiscal conservatives who will love both McCain and Palin.
I think we won the election Friday. Meanwhile the Daily Koz types are trying to find pictures of Palin in a swimsuit because everybody knows that Republicans don't like to see a pretty women. Wonder how come us Republicans manage to have so many babies?

nick said...

babies? because they like to fuck

anything that moves

the public for example

Mark K. Sprengel said...

If this shallow analysis is the sort of material that the Left plans to throw out against Palin, they could just be more succinct about it and say, "Don't know what to tell you. We've got nothin'."

POW! haha

Dale Hite said...

I agree with what has been said here. I must add, however, and perhaps it's just me, but the first thing I thought when I saw Palin's pic with Marshall's article was that she looked a little bit like Britney Spears, before she went down hill, though a bit prettier. Maybe that is part of the problem with the whiners. Even without that, much of it, it seems to me, is jealousy. A woman can be brilliant, accomplished, have good morals and a successful family life, and what they will freak over are her looks more than anything. Sickening, isn't it?

That said, if her beauty pageant days and, now, a pregnant daughter are all they can throw at her, it simply proves how scared and desperate they are.

nick said...

Good Morals? Cant you read?

forget the daughter!

she had to get married because of premarital sex , she lied abiout the bridge

and she used her office to help her family!

jesus H christ , you all are DUMB!