Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cr48 Chromebook

A Cr48 showed up at my door several months ago, so here's my brief take.

This has become the most used computer in my house. It comes out of hibernation instantly, and it boots up from off in just a few seconds. As someone who only has time to access the Internet in short bursts, this is ideal.

This computer cannot replace a regular computer for storing pictures offline or running programs, but it kills a regular computer for accessing the Internet. Because it's a browser in a box, there is no waiting for the browser to load. It's always open. And because there are no additional programs, there is nothing to bog the system down and no routine maintenance to perform. Due to the machine's simplicity, the battery lasts forever.

If I manage to break this one, I will buy another.


Mark in Spokane said...

Sounds very good. I normally use our iPad for web-surfing now, for many of the reasons you note. Plus, it has local storage on the machine for photos and documents. Kind of the best of both worlds. But I think that the Chromebooks are definitely worth looking at -- and if "the Cloud" really takes off, it is likely that the future of home computers will look more like Chromebooks than what we are now using.

Freeman Hunt said...

I've had the Chromebook for two years now. It rules. Mine was a prototype, and the hinge has broken, but I doubt that's an issue on the actual models sold by Samsung, Acer, and Asus.