Saturday, May 14, 2011

"C'mon, what would Huckabee have to say to make you change your mind about him? What's one thing he could say?"

"Endorse the Club for Growth."


Jason (the commenter) said...

He's a fiscal liberal / social conservative, the opposite of everything I believe, so he'd have to say something about having finally escaped the captivity of his evil twin.

Mark in Spokane said...

When he pardoned the criminal who went on to kill 4 police officers in Washington State, he demonstrated a lack of judgment that make him, in my mind, unsuitable for office. For me, it isn't any of his policy positions per se (although there is much that I disagree with Huckabee about). It's his judgment that is a problem as far as I'm concerned.

As a result, there isn't anything he could say to me that would get me to consider voting for him.

Pete said...

He'd have to abandon his support of the Fair Tax.

LL said...

It's not what he would/could say. Obama reads many things from his teleprompter, some of which (very occasionally) sound almost palatable. It's Huckabee's lack of 'guts' that strikes me hardest. I'm not speaking of his moral convictions, but of his lack of decisiveness.

Though I have no problem personally with his social conservatism, it makes him much harder to get elected.

Skyler said...

He impresses me as a bad used car salesman, and using religion in a cynical way to garner political support for dubious aims. He calls himself a conservative, but his policy stands are socialist and he's much more likely to support the expansion of government than to do anything I would agree with.

He can't say anything to change this impression because his character is known and men do not change, and those that would change overnight are even less to be trusted.