Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Live-Blogging the Debate

UPDATE: When the White House writes "transcript," the White House means, "Not a transcript." It does appear in the speech. See John's update at 10:15.

Twitter friends are saying I should have tweeted this thing. I think they're right! Maybe I'll have to break out the Twitter next time.

Now it's over. Don't know why Romney would bring up the 47% thing right before Obama's closing so he'll get no chance to respond to what Obama says about it. Looks like in retrospect, Romney may have won the Libya exchange. This is the transcript from the speech they were talking about. The moderator backed up Obama when he said that he called the attack an act of terror. The transcript shows, however, that he did not. That will be in the news tomorrow.

Romney dominated the first half of the debate. Obama came back in the second. Democrats have got to be happy with Obama's better showing this time and the fact that he had the momentum at the end. Republicans must be disappointed that Romney didn't deliver another outright victory.

The disturbing thing about the debates is that candidates can take on the strategy of assuming that viewers do not know anything about what is being discussed. So it goes.

We'll see what happens next time...

9:27 - Romney is explaining how China cheats.

9:24 - Ha. Moderator assist to Obama on assault weapons. Oh my.

9:21 - Will Romney bring up Fast and Furious? Oh, he did. Good.

9:18 - "Weapons designed for soldiers... don't belong on our streets." I guess people forget the actual purpose of the Second Amendment.

9:16 - Unless Romney turns it around, he's flubbed a question that should have been a home run for him. (Libya.)

9:12 - Althouse: "9:09: Crowley calls on someone named "Carrie" and Obama does a "Hi, Carrie" that sounds gentle and it's obvious he thinks it's a female. But it's a big old guy. "Cary," presumably. And he's got the Libya question. Uh-oh." Which was too bad because I think he felt like he was getting on a roll.

9:09 - "Don't turn national security into a political issue." Hrm.

9:03 - Obama went on again about how he's trying. That argument is horrible. "Yeah, everything's awful. But I'm doing my best." That's nice, but your best isn't good enough.

9:01 - Obama: "The flow of undocumented workers is the lowest it's been in forty years." Heh heh heh. True, but it's because the economy is awful. Maybe he shouldn't have brought that up.

8:57 - Once again, you can tell who got used to speaking in high pressure boardrooms and who got used to speaking in college classrooms or bureaucratic meetings. That was a pretty devastating two minutes by Romney.

8:56 - Deficit.

8:53 - President says lack of improvement is not for lack of trying. Is he making an argument for or against himself?

8:52 - Debt.

8:50 - Jobs.

8:43 - Ha ha ha. MKH on Twitter retweets from IMAO: "Romney put women in binders!"

8:43 - Contraception is money out of a family's pocket. So I thought it should be money out of every family's pocket.

8:41 - Romney was ready for this Woman Question. He's Mr. Prepared. Like last time.

8:39 - Ugh. This is the Who Can Pander to Ladies the Most segment. Boring. Too bad you can't fast forward live.

8:37 - Oh, gag. Silly question. "Women make less than men... what are you going to do about it... blah blah blah." Ignores the myriad factors that contribute to that. I'll take these moments to get a feel for how the candidates are comporting themselves.

8:35 - I think going Math on Romney is a big mistake. The Romney-Ryan ticket is nothing if not a Math ticket.

8:34 - Math?! "Blows up the deficit." The strategy must be to speak to people who know absolutely nothing about spending during Obama's term.

8:31 - There are a lot of little, rhetorical shortcuts the candidates take. For example, Romney just said something about "when China is cheating." People who are into politics, especially economics and politics, know what he's talking about. Does a regular person, someone who is not a political hobbyist, know what that means?

8:29 - Obama has clearly has no experience with small business. The question is, however, do the people listening to him have any such experience?

8:26 - Obama doing the popular thing of conflating capital gains taxes with income taxes. Pet peeve.

8:20 - Enough energy already.

8:18 - Ouch. Romney taking Obama to task. Obama says he's saying things that aren't true. Looks like no slap fight though; Obama sat down.

8:17 - Heh. The Obama campaign strategy is to call Romney a liar repeatedly. Romney is making a mad eagle face.

8:16 - Can't tell yet if Obama is better this time. Romney is excellent. He's fully prepared. It shows.

8:14 - Romney responds by pointing out that oil production increases were apart from federal land. On federal land, production has gone down significantly. Both candidates look annoyed with each other. Obama is in danger was falling into a petulant face.

8:13 - Obama says working on efficient energy is going to make gas cheaper. Because clean energy is cheaper... wait...

8:10 - Oh my! Obama: "Romney has a one point plan. And that's to let people at the top play by different rules." Pretty outrageous. And the moderator refuses to allow Romney to follow up.

8:09 - As a friend points out on Facebook, not everyone needs to go to college. In fact, probably fewer people need to go to college.

8:08 - I thought this format wasn't going to have moderator follow up questions.

8:04 - Obama paraphrased: "We need good paying jobs. Like manufacturing jobs." Oh, union ones, I guess.
I bet that wasn't what that guy was thinking about when he asked if he'd have a job when he got out of college.

8:03 - Everyone is from the New York area? Okay.

8:03 - Obama has been told to flash that great smile a lot. Wise.

7:58 - I don't have comments turned on. That means no one can drop in to say that his favorite show is different than all of those other shows.

7:56 - Turned on the television five minutes ago. How does this make any money? Who watches this? It's so gaudy and horrible. I'm not talking about a particular show. I'm talking about all of the shows.

7:41 - Normally you wonder if the guy who lost last time will go too far the other way and be weird. (Gore.) I don't think that's likely here. Obama is too socially adept to be outright bizarre. Surely Biden's performance has him wary of veering off into the ditch of aggression.

7:37 - My prediction: Obama will be much better. He'll refrain from looking down and put out. Romney will be the same. He's a prepared sort of person, so he'll be prepared again.

7:29 - The baby is going to contribute by ringing a bell in my ear. He's practicing now.

7:14 PM - Heck, why not?